Adobe Acrobat X Pro — Curving in the CS5 way

Adobe Acrobat Pro XAdobe has released a new version of its famous PDF editorAcrobat X Pro. Top new features are the following:

1. Improved import function to MS Word, so it is supposed to precisely keep tables relative positions, images, multi-column text and even font attributes.
2. PDF Portfolios: combine few documents (wide range of files) in one polished PDF container with multiple colors pallets, themes, and styles.
3. Rich media: insert media files like audio, Flash Player compatible video, and others.
4. Action Wizard: automate routine steps for easy application.
5. File versions comparison: self-explanatory
6. Extended Reader functionality: let me quote Adobe: Enable Adobe Reader X or Reader 9 users to participate in shared reviews, fill and save forms, and digitally sign and approve PDF documents.
7. Interactive PDF forms: Intelligent form field recognition (!). You can track and manage responses.
8. Permanent information removal: Permanently delete sensitive information.
9. Online file sharing

As I can see, new version of Acrobat makes it not much better than just a good old Acrobat with a new makeup, because all these new functions are cool but not essential. As for the interface, I thought it should resemble CS5 style, but the buttons are completely new, please look at the screenshots below.

New buttons in Acrobat X Pro:


New interface of Acrobat X Pro (click to enlarge):


One strange thing though, I could not run the update — it gave me the message: “Update failed. To update Adobe Acrobat you need administrator privileges on this machine. Error: 1200”
Surprisingly, the solution as easy as it says — run the program as administrator and then it works, yet there’s no updates yet :)


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