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In the world of of underground you can find sometimes true pieces of GUI art. You may call them ugly, and indeed they are not ordinary, but they reflect the shining of the hidden world. Let’s keep aside talks about how bad using workarounds for commercial software is. I believe you can only achieve big popularity for a program, if the software is used by those can pay (corporations, citizens of countries with sound economy) and also those who can’t. If that happens, then those who don’t care have to use that software as well, because it becomes the standard. So, then everybody is affected. Based on that I think Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and other giants are truly interested in piracy in certain limits, because that doubles their popularity. That happened to Windows and Photoshop, and that did not happen to Mac OS X, for instance.

There we have the teams  ZWT, Orion, FFF, CORE, Again, TMG, Digital Insanity, EMBRACE, SSG, ECLiPSE, DAMN. If these names tell you nothing, I can not really help.

The ones with blue background below are ANSI crafted. It is usually a file with *.nfo extension. Very good and free viewer for these files is GetDiz from Outertech software.

More examples:

Zero Waiting Time

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