A very subjective review of Avast! Internet Security 5.0.677

avast-securedI like applications from Avast. I know it is not wise to be hooked on security software, because when you get used to something, you isolate yourself from all the other similar stuff, and one security tool is never enough. But still, to me Avast makes incredibly pleasing software. The main thing I like about it (And I mean anything starting from free Avast antivirus) is that it’s completely seamless and not intrusive at all (especially when you shut down the sound messages). I hate when an antivirus behaves like an unexpected guest, setting his rules instead of following your rules.

So I installed Avast Internet Security version 5.0.677. And it is great from a user interface perspective. Yet there are some very important features to mention. As I reviewed in one of my recent posts, Avast free antivirus v.5 performed with flying colors in the drive-by test. That basically tells you a lot about the company, because it takes time and effort to watch those web threats spreading around. In the Internet Security package have some extra stuff to appreciate: a sand box tool which allows to run any program in the virtual environment (similar to instant virtual machine):


If you are not sure about particular program origin, you can run it in that sandbox. What’s the point for a mighty antivirus? The catch is the following: sometimes it is not possible to understand the software intention unless it is actually run, because its true code could be very well hidden behind some very customized extractor. So this is cool.

I also like Network connection details at the firewall view, where you can see exactly what is going on (please click to enlarge):


The last extra I really like is the Network Utilities where you can see IP or domain address details and even trace route visually a web-site:

avast-network-utilities avast-expertvista-dns avast-expertvista-traceroute

And by the way, my website is totally safe :)


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