Find best shared web hosting thru DNS Changes statistics

It is not easy to find a good and affordable web-hosting. One big difficulty is advertising clutter we are surrounded with. You search with Internet as a tool and that tool is based on web-hosting, meaning it is everywhere. It is like discussing Chinese people in China — seems like the right place, but probably too much. If you simply type in Google or Bing “web hosting” you may get a link like this: Top 10 Web Hosting — Best Web Hosts 2010. Would you trust this information?

DNS Changes

One of my ideas is to check how many people leave their providers. That would be an indication of popularity. Although we don’t know exact reasons for them to leave, I think in most cases they move because they do not get along very well with the current one and find better deals. Anyway, there is a very good service called “Daily DNS Changes and Web Hosting Activity by”

DNS (Domain Name Server) information is typically changed when hosting is changed. There you can immediately see:

Most Active Name Servers for the current date
Top 50 Name Servers for New Domains
Top 50 Name Servers for Deleted Domains
Top 50 Name Servers for Inbound Transfers
Top 50 Name Servers for Outbound Transfers
Top 25 Movements for Today
Name Servers for Top Websites

Look at the Most Active Name Servers list. Notice In and Out columns, they represent customers who transferred their websites to and removed from accordingly. Looks like customers are fleeing and As for HostGator, it is difficult to say whether they have a huge gain, because I’m surprised with the overall turnover.

If you figured out a hosting company you want to rely on, you can also search by its name in the database. Beware though, that may not work in case of resellers. In general, stay away of resellers.

You can also see statistic for particular date, just type, for instance, to see information on changes related to Netfirms on 16 March 2010, my birthday date.

Of course, that method is good, but not enough. I will continue sharing thoughts on finding a decent web-hosting.

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