Break Free Your Digital Editions

/ First published in 2008 — Please see 2011 update here /

Decrypt Adobe ADEPT-encrypted PDF files, AKA Digital Editions

I recently bought an Adobe Digital Edition of a decent book titled “Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4” from Peachpit (if you decide to buy something there, do not forget to register—you will get a good instant discount as a member).

The book is fine, but I hate this DRM stuff as I need to access my books sometimes on a casual machine and that is impossible unless you install Adobe™ Digital Editions and activate it via Adobe’s DRM Activator site (for some reason it is called “Eden”, there is no sign of Eden there at all!). So I decided to find a way to overcome and remove DRM protection from Adobe pdf file, not for sharing this book, but for my convenience.

Digital Editions

After an extended search, I found a way, and everybody can repeat the same sequence. So far, this protection (ADEPT encryption) was considered to be officially unbreakable, but it seems not anymore.

You have to find two text files in the internet (for obvious reason, I do not publish them here): use keywords ineptkey.pyw and ineptpdf.pyw to google those files. I saw version 2 in a wild. They contain source code for Python and instruction in comments section.

To make them work you have to have Digital Edition installed. Then download and install Python 2.7 (version 3 would NOT be OK) from and PyCrypto from .

The text files are to be renamed and run: first ineptkey.pyw to get your key adeptkey.der, and then ineptpdf.pyw to unlock your book.

In case of this book (Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4) I had to use Elcomsoft pdf password recovery tool afterwards to completely remove protection from the book.

UPDATE: New article 2011 — Remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions – Background

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