How to ensure fastest Wi-Fi connection for home network

It is important to use your Wi-Fi equipment effectively, so you can enjoy fast and reliable data transfer over your network. The first thing to check is to make sure that other Wi-Fi networks in the neighborhood do not interfere with your home one. How to do that? We can use any Wi-Fi scanner, but I recommend to have a look at free inSSIDer from METAGEEK. Install and run it than select your wireless adaptor and press button “Start scanning”. You should see something like that on the screenshot over time:


Look at the right panel: HEAVENGATE_AIR (my home network) uses channel 6 (you can check it from the table above), the other network with name amma uses channel 1. Ideally these two lines (red and green) do not cross, i.e. they do not interfere one with another. So, situation in the example is very good. Of course, you could have more networks available, so your case could be much more difficult than mine, especially if you have several strong signals (measured by height of the graph). What to do if you have line crossing each other? You can try to change you channel number. Go to wireless router settings and change it, like in the example below, to have better position:

wi-fi channel

 inSSIDer scans networks within reach of your computer’s Wi-Fi antenna, tracks signal strength over time, and determines their security settings (including whether or not they’re password-protected). It is a great and free tool. Highly recommended!

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