Norton Internet Security 2011

Whatever I may say about NIS interface, Symantec can afford to develop super effective security package spending millions of $$ to trump all their competitors. And it is good to have it almost free for a long time. 90 days (3 months) to me is a huge period to try and make a decision. Consider this, even if you buy it, you basically have a trial of 360 days for a good sum of money.

Here is a link to a page with nice offer: ING DIRECT has partnered with Symantec to bring you free 90 Day Norton Internet Security. | ! Change file extension to *.exe when you download the file. |

NIS 2011 interesting features:

Norton Reputation Service: instantly checks where files came from and how long they’ve been around to identify and stop new crimeware faster than other, less sophisticated security software.
Norton File Insight gives you detailed information about the files found on your PC including where the file came from (the website URL) and if it can be trusted.

It can beat new virus Stuxnet, look here:

W32.Stuxnet was first categorized in July of 2010. Originally Symantec named the detection W32.Temphid based upon the information originally received but later renamed it Stuxnet to bring our naming convention in line with other vendors, and therefore virus definitions dated July 19, 2010 or earlier may detect this threat as W32.Temphid.

It targets industrial control systems in order to take control of industrial facilities, such as power plants. While the attacker’s exact motives for doing so are unclear, it has been speculated that it could be for any number of reasons with the most probable intent being industrial espionage. The identities of the attackers are also unknown but there seems little doubt that regardless of their identities, they are skilled and well resourced; this wasn’t something that was put together in a short period of time.

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