Computer Power User — February 2011

cpu-feb-2011As usual here is the February issue of Computer Power User magazine, available as a free download here in pdf format (32 MB). 

Some interesting topics inside with my little editing:

“Avast Software Goes Viral—In A Bad Way”: funny story about stolen licence for Avast Pro product (14-user license Avast issued June-30-2009 for a Tucson company, Arizona) mushroomed up to almost 800’000 active users by late 2010. I just wonder why Avast waited for so long to slam it.

Chrome OS is characterized as provoking “careless computing” and predicted to die next (2011) year — opinions from Richard Stallman and Paul Buchheit.

New AMD based 890GX & 880G Motherboards.

AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition – the latest top chip in AMD’s six-core line. Clocked at 3.3GHz, the 1100T also sports a slight specification bump up from the 1090T (3.2GHz).

SandForce SF-2000: New Family Of SSD Processors Promises Impressive Performance.

But anyway, what is going on with Computer Power User magazine? Where is Anand Lai Shimpi with his Anand’s Corner? Alex St. John (The Saint) with his cigar and game-oriented picking at Microsoft? Where are Alex “Sharky” Ross, Mike Magee, Barry Brenesal, crazy Chris Pirillo, Rahul Sood, and Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda with his articles.txt?? Where are all these people who contributed a lot to CPU in the past?

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