Computer Power User — March 2011


Good stuff! March 2011 issue of Computer Power User magazine is here, available as a free download in PDF format (33 MB).  Chris Trumble, CPU Publication Editor, predicts at first how difficult it will be to keep buying CPUs with discrete graphics cards once Sandy Bridge CPUs are available, that beat the 980X in game benchmarks, video transcoding, for about a third of the price, and use significantly less power and generate less heat. Will 980Xs and X58 boards be put aside in 2011? That’s a big question. Looks like in CPU magazine April 2011 release there will be a comparison on Sandy Bridge-ready motherboards (talking about 32nm Intel’s new H67 chipset) versus AMD Fusion boards.

ood14-freeIt announces O&O Defrag Free edition which has MultiCore-Optimization, 64-Bit Version available, and no annoying adverts. Check more details here. Links to download O&O Defrag Free editions:

Download 32-bit 

Download 64-bit

14 pages in this CPU issue are solely dedicated to PSU (power supply units) which to me is a bit too much. That’s even without advertising. I also noticed that CPU removed all their ratings from the software/hardware review. So in case of BullGuard Internet Security 10 CPU simply says “It’s good” (page 74). What is going on with you guys?!

Now here’s a famous Russian people beloved copy-paste:

Show Desktop function in Windows 7 — Windows Tip Of The Month
(c) CPU March 2011 

For those who miss the old Show Desktop function that was on previous Windows’ taskbars, here is a way to reconstruct it. Open Notepad and create following script:


Save the file as “Show Desktop.scf” to your Desktop. Make a folder on the Desktop named “Show Desktop” and put the SCF file in it. Now, right-click the Taskbar, point to Toolbars, and click New Toolbar. Select the Show Desktop folder and click OK. This will create a Show Desktop text toolbar on your Taskbar. Next, unlock the Taskbar if necessary. Three rows of dots appear to the left of the Show Desktop text. Right-click this and uncheck both Show Text and Show Title. This should leave only an icon. Now you can grab the toolbar and drag it near the Start button. Lock the Taskbar when you have your preferred arrangement.

So this is a breath-taking issue of this great magazine. Big question is still When CPU is going to die? Because to me we have all signs of degradation.

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