Where is new leaked build of Windows 8?

I’m waiting for a new leaked build of Windows 8 to try. The latest build available is 7989, but that is kind of old. I would go for a pre-beta release 8xxx or something. I used to check for that sort of information but the guys stopped updating their website except for the forum.

Build 8064 is currently under discussion, thanks to Canouna mighty connections. That name and also Zucona (Wzor, known for major leaks from Microsoft and others) are two big reference sources. Wzor has evidently a Russian origin, Canouna (“MDL OS Testing Specialist”) does not sound like a native English-speaking guy (or a lady?), probably from France or China. Whoever they are, the information (and sometimes software) we receive from them is invaluable.

So what is the latest news? Seems Microsoft reached pre-beta stage for Windows 8 that supposingnly has 81NN build numbering.

Here’s the official source of information at on building Windows 8 by Steven Sinofsky. The latest article describes the four major improvements to the copy experience.

And here’s even more observations on the new Windows 8 design of interface, revealed in Long Zheng blog. And here re new START button.

Well, I looking forward to downloading a new build of Windows 8, whether it is leaked or public beta, whether it is torrent or microsoft ftp server.

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