Weird installation of IE9 RC in Windows 7

ie9-rc-aboutI have not seen before such a weird installation. So I was going to install newly released Internet Explorer 9 RC 32-bit (build 9.0.8080.16413) for Windows 7. So what happened after I hit the executable IE9-Windows7-x86-enu.exe—I was asked a permission to close a bunch of running programs: uTorrent, Skype, etc. I agreed. But IE9 installer closed not only those, but also stopped Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE was shouting like almost caught a virus) and … Explorer.exe. Which meant I had to stare at status window on the top of the wallpaper — nothing else (please see the screenshot below):


It was not a bug, as the message says “Setup might take a few minutes, and then Windows Explorer will restart automatically.” So it did. But it is a strange way to install programs.

So what’s new? Bug with WordPress 3 is still there, it is almost impossible to create or edit a post (buttons do not function) unless you switch to the compatibility view (a tiny icon between search and refresh).

I do not like the file download pop-up, it is difficult to notice and there is no file type icon, so it is hard to understand whether it is torrent file or executable before you read the description.

Favorites are hidden again. All in all, it is a feeling that you are squeezed in every possible direction—very uncomfortable.

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