Windows 8 M2 build 7955 with Magic Blue Pill

w8-7955-leakDefault green desktop saying “Shhh… let’s not leak our hard work” is supposed to be very ironical I guess, as everybody can download and try “Microsoft confidential” new pre-release of Windows 8 internal build 7955. Just don’t tell me Microsoft is not supporting this “leak”. (You can find all the links and latest information on and its forums.) Let’s have a look what is inside.

A software called NoPillXerax has been offered (“Blue pill” is also available) to activate and unlock the hidden features of Windows 8 (version 1.5 up to now):



NoPill Welcome screen
Activation of Windows 8
Enable Ribbon Explorer UI, Lockscreen UI, and Full DWM
Unlock the rest of Windows 8 features
All done, enjoy Windows 8!


So far I prefer to choose my Red Pill and keep away from this early pre-release of Windows 8.

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