New Avast 7 in Windows 8 CP

Avast 7 FreeHere’s my review of new Avast 7 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. New Windows system contains upgraded Windows Defender version 6.2, which has now full antivirus functionality and runs by default. Microsoft basically put there what they used to call Security Essentials (but the name is too long as per modern guidelines, I guess). So I wanted to test and see if third-party antivirus in Windows CP would be welcome. That means that Defender would need to be shut down automatically. I liked the previous versions of Avast and always recommended that security software, besides, it did perform very efficiently.

The installation went well. First you see the welcome screen with three puzzling options (click to enlarge):

The configuration is really straight forward:

And very soon you get the application ready to use:

Contrary to the old version 6 in this free release all real-time shields are enabled:

Let’s check if the Defender service is stopped. Yes, it is indeed like expected:

The beauty of this setup in Windows 8 is that you can still see the options available if Avast is shut down (e.g. for test purposes) via its Action Center:

Windows Defender is just stopped and can be started anytime:

So very nice Microsoft, good job on security software integration!

By the way if you look at the firewall, it is still the same core interface since Windows Vista (and Windows 7):

All outbound connections are allowed by default. Therefore, my guide to tweak Windows firewall is still valid.

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