The End of Sharing Files?

Following the shutdown of Megaupload, we can see now Fileserve and Filesonic are closing sharing services I guess to prevent potential charges. Who’s next? Will Rapidshare stay because they are Swiss-based? Or maybe we will only have torrents and usenet left. I believe unless DNS is controlled and filtered, we should be OK. Or maybe not. Electronic piracy is controversial phenomenon, because replication does not make the original disappear physically and increases popularity on one hand (that applies mostly to great stuff), on the other hand replication can dissolve the impression from weak product and make it a trash. One conclusion from that: great stuff is immune to piracy. Like once the Residents said “Do really excellent work and the world will probably ignore you.” When everything is available, the value of things is neglected. In terms of information we have much more than anyone could ever need.


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