How to deal with suspended account in Twitter

We know Twitter for its speed and communication efficiency. As for their Customer Support — it is simply slow and deaf, one of the worst customer support I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe I should not generalize my experience. Look what happened.

On December 13th 2011 my Twitter account @expertvista was suspended without explanation and any notification. I read again the rules but I had no clue what my violation could be. The help page was particularly useless (see the screenshot below):

twitter account suspended

I used the online form with stupid “with love” built-in ending to report my issue. In few minutes I got an automated email from Twitter Support [] asking to reply (!) “to this ticket with a confirmation that you understand our policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behavior.” That request to reply was unusual, and easy to miss.

So I replied. Nothing happened. I sent another request on December 20th. No answer.

Only on December 22nd I received an email from someone with a dog’s name “gobeee“, saying that I’m fine now. Eight days for Twitter customer support to fix an issue.

So if you want to quickly deal with your suspended account in Twitter, I really don’t know what to suggest. It looks like Twitter handles manually the customer tickets. I think it is OK, but that should not be that slow (8 days!) for a company providing instant services.

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