Deconstruction of a molecule

Escentric Molecules
Escentric Molecules

A small update on Escentric Molecules production. I like what they do (mentioned previously), yet the fragrance is not cheap at all.

This is a nice passage : “Using this trio as the template for Escentric 04, Geza decided to warp the rose with a psychedelic metallic edge and max-out the grapefruit topnote. ”

Yet it sounds very technical (chemical) there are only four fragrance compounds used by the brand: Iso E Super (Escentric 01 / Molecule 01), Ambroxan (02), Vetiveryl Acetate (03), and Javanol (04). Javanol is “like Iso E Super, it comes and goes. The person wearing it loses the ability to smell it after a short while, only to re-connect with it later. Javanol does not exist in nature. It was created in a laboratory at Givaudan in 1996.” Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

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