Farewell email

Dear colleagues,

Perhaps you already know, but if not, that’s a good moment to say — I’m leaving the company. You cannot imagine how grateful I am to you for all the years and experience you shared with me. That is invaluable by any means, and I’m proud we have time together. Because all good things always seem to be continue forever, but they are not. And exactly because of that, now it is good chance for me to tell you: I’m quitting the company. Difficult to imagine what I could do without you, or better to say what I could not do. Precisely because of that, here comes the hard part. I guess it is a bad surprise for you, but I have to admit: I will be leaving the company very soon. No words can describe the depths of experience I got with your help, but still: everything must come to its end. Probably you already feel that it is not going to be any good news. Yes, just to confirm, I will be not working for the company any longer. Shocked? Surprised? Please don’t be. I did not want to upset you. I always had good memories about our collaboration (sorry for long Latin words). But you know, any project by definition is limited, finite and must end sooner or later. So, to cut long story short, I’m leaving. No regrets though, as you always taught me to be positive and future-looking. Still, maybe not the best moment, but let me release this sad message: I will end my current employment very soon. Alas, my friends. I know you supported me all this time a lot and I’m sure you would do the same in the future. Talking about the future… Well, perhaps the rumor reached you and little bird told you already… Yes, I’m quitting the company. Sorry to say. But nothing lasts forever, and you should know that.

Thank you for all!

P.S. I did not want to tell you, but sorry to share this shocking news: I’m leaving the company. As simple as that.

Inspired by Daniel Harms


Deconstruction of a molecule

Escentric Molecules
Escentric Molecules

A small update on Escentric Molecules production. I like what they do (mentioned previously), yet the fragrance is not cheap at all.

This is a nice passage : “Using this trio as the template for Escentric 04, Geza decided to warp the rose with a psychedelic metallic edge and max-out the grapefruit topnote. ”

Yet it sounds very technical (chemical) there are only four fragrance compounds used by the brand: Iso E Super (Escentric 01 / Molecule 01), Ambroxan (02), Vetiveryl Acetate (03), and Javanol (04). Javanol is “like Iso E Super, it comes and goes. The person wearing it loses the ability to smell it after a short while, only to re-connect with it later. Javanol does not exist in nature. It was created in a laboratory at Givaudan in 1996.” Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

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Weird music of fall 2018

Dead Can Dance 2018 - Dionysus
Dead Can Dance 2018 – Dionysus

New music arrived for those who love alternative (and weird) melodies. Also I’m now a big fan of Spotify free desktop edition. The free edition is much better than iPhone app: it allows direct selection of songs (!) and unlimited skipping, not talking about playlist and favorites. Very handy stuff!

Dead Can Dance – Dionysus

Dionysus is the ninth studio album by the British-Australian band Dead Can Dance, released on 2 November 2018, after six years of silence. Dionysus is the ancient Greek god of wine. Album has Mexican mask depicted on the cover. Here’s some quotes from reviewers:

“Dionysus sounds both ancient and contemporary at the same time, and there are not many groups that can show so much reverence for ancient traditions from a modern music perspective. Their eclectic approach to songwriting goes far beyond contemporary music genres, and that is ultimately the record’s biggest asset. ” link

“Pairing a world’s worth of traditional instruments with widescreen gestures, the legendary duo explore the myth of a Greek god in an unknown tongue”. link

The Residents - Intruders
The Residents – Intruders

The Residents – Intruders

I like The Residents for their consistent effort to be very different, not only “spooky and comical”, but also profound and enjoyable. New album “Intruders”  is “really a multimedia experience in its own way. Each of the songs on Intruders comes with its own macabre illustration and its own cryptic, micro story”.  Link to review

Highly recommend


Windows File Explorer shows folder size incorrectly

Oh great! With this Windows update 1803, the File Explorer shows the folder size incorrectly. I’ve seen some reports on that, but there is no solution. Dear Microsoft, you must be kidding.


Paper and memory

My wife is a design geek who uses iPhone and SkechUp 3D software. Yet does not remember almost no passwords and phone numbers. I admit I cannot reproduce any mobile number of my contacts either without checking my phone, even my own number. Imagine she travels far and her iPhone gets lost, then what? Who would she get in touch with? Phone directory? Those paper monster books, do they still exist? These days it is easy to be vulnerable without paper records and good memory, yet it contradicts our technology-advanced present. My kid was playing once with my iPhone which has company-set protection for pin guessing. After the sixth try — poof! — the phone erased itself, making the phone as useful as a brick.

Anyway, what I started doing some time ago, I print essential information like phone numbers and keep those memos in a safe place. To write in stone would be better, but they are too heavy to travel with.


Omphalos Mensch

This has appeared out of blue. I will switch all the topics. It is pointless to accumulate goodies in any form: files, records, books. But the worst is to accumulate goodies in a systematic way. For example, to collect discography of musicians if you only have time to listen two-three full tracks a week. That system will not be “good”. We know this quote: “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33). For a sake of peace, don’t collect. The system can make you think you need to be complete with your collection. That’s a trap. We must let this worry go.

Besides, the collection could make you think as if you have certain responsibility to use it (listen to it, watch it, etc.). You don’t have to. Don’t be a slave of it.

One problem of big corporations that I have observed, they tend to code/cipher big terms in unnecessary way. By ‘big terms’ I mean concepts, projects, initiatives, etc. The codes create rituals, which has miserable symbolic meaning (e.g. not like real Christian service). At the end it irritates everyone, nothing more.


True Grasp of Innovation

It seems there is a clear and simple understanding of innovation, that … no one can formulate. As a consequence of this dilemma, corporations pretend they offer you something innovative, but in reality that may be far from truth.

There are three simple criteria for true innovation:

  1. Innovative product must improve or open totally new experience. So in effect it can make a change.
  2. Innovative product must be useful, i.e. has clear practical purpose for customer. So it can be adopted widely.
  3. Innovative product must comply with society laws. So it can be legally manufactured and distributed (sold, advertised).

Those three are essential. Although the third one may seem obvious, it is not. Drugs, for example, would be OK with 1st and 2nd, but not with the last one.

A product where hi-tech materials are used, is not necessary innovative one, even though it is slick and shiny. Some corporations try to cheat themselves to prove otherwise. While you could, it is unlikely to convince the customer.

Also it is clear now why it is so difficult to produce an innovative product, as the first condition and the second one are rarely stick together. Sometimes in FMCG industries they are rarely meet at all. So a company may produce a product with a new fancy innovative feature they believe, that adds nothing to consumer experience, neither appears obvious of how it could be used at all.

There are false indicators and stimulus as well:

  1. Competitors do that, so you also should.
  2. You’ve spent so much money already (design, advertising, etc.) so how come it is not innovative?
  3. It is just nice! Some people find it just pure perfect.
  4. Deranged housewives focus groups results suggest that.

You cannot force adoption of innovation to get true success.


SONRU — a Stumbling Block to Your Next Job

This review is written with a humble job seeker in mind and for a sake of justice.

In searching and applying for a job, you can encounter all kinds of bureaucratic traps—one of them is service. is “Automated Video Interviewing Software” as they call themselves, and it really is a heartless piece of code that treat you (as a candidate) like a prisoner. As it says on their website, it allows “candidates to show their personality, and […] recruiters to streamline the selection process.” While the latter is true, the first statement has dreadful meaning of being sarcastic. I personally do not like remote interviews by phone, because a candidate cannot really read the reaction (e.g. body language) of the other side (applies both ways, of course). Skype is better in this regard, but still you may have technical connection issues, preventing you from showing your best. But Sonru is even worse than a phone interview, as a candidate has absolutely no clue of how and by whom his or her record would be perceived.

Typically, you get a link with a code via email from Sonru robot. When you login, you have to literally position yourself within a frame as seen thru your PC or iPAD camera and try to answer some test questions. You can practice the test interview as many times as you want — that can help you understand how you look and sound on the record. Where it does not help, it can drain your mental powers with such rehearsals. So I suggest try once, then take a break and do the real questionary. If you are serious about the job you are applying to, try to show your brightest side, be “cool, calm, and collected.”

The real questions you cannot know in advance of course. They are all time-limited and you can see the countdown, and this is a hidden threat: a question may seem simple to finish half the allocated time. If you feel like that, stop the recording and move to the next question. If you try to fill the time up, you may ramble.

If you don’t fit easily within the timeframe for a question, don’t panic trying to dash off. You may have the last question for all additional information you could wish to add.

You finished? Oh, you never know what happens next, although you may feel yourself like finishing a hard task or project. I believe any similar experience is good, but in this case your effort has no direct response (unless they finally hire you). But maybe they’d laugh at you. Or maybe the hiring manager could see your record and make a reasonable decision. But maybe not. Maybe it will be screened and deleted by some ruthless HR clerk well before.

If you are not serious about the job, my advice — do not waste your time with Sonru. Skip it, it is not worth the effort. Spend your time on reading a good book or caring about your loved ones.

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Two Hilarious and Smart Videos from Tripp and Tyler

This is true reflection of how conference calls really work:

And this is fun as well — how emails look so awkward:

There are more funny videos from Tripp and Tyler youtube account


Windows 10 Insider Build 10558 Leaked

Microsoft continues to improve its latest Windows 10 OS. Insiders can get this release of Windows build 10558, so can you. I don’t know why people bother to try system which works 0.03% better than the old one 10240 (besides this is subjective!), but OK.

Here’s a list of improvements:

  • new version of Microsoft Edge
  • new Messaging and Skype Video apps
  • Find my device settings using GPS/location info
  • Edge browser tab preview
  • New Registry Editor icon
  • Spotlight feature for Enterprise Users
  • Install apps to external storage
  • Dark UI in Messaging app
  • Safe to remove (USB drives) icon in system tray
  • updated icons for Control Panel

The build syntax is:

Image below courtesy of Wzor

Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10558
Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10558 by Wzor

Here’s the download links: