Windows 10 Insider Build 10558 Leaked

Microsoft continues to improve its latest Windows 10 OS. Insiders can get this release of Windows build 10558, so can you. I don’t know why people bother to try system which works 0.03% better than the old one 10240 (besides this is subjective!), but OK.

Here’s a list of improvements:

  • new version of Microsoft Edge
  • new Messaging and Skype Video apps
  • Find my device settings using GPS/location info
  • Edge browser tab preview
  • New Registry Editor icon
  • Spotlight feature for Enterprise Users
  • Install apps to external storage
  • Dark UI in Messaging app
  • Safe to remove (USB drives) icon in system tray
  • updated icons for Control Panel

The build syntax is:

Image below courtesy of Wzor

Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10558
Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10558 by Wzor

Here’s the download links:


Windows 10 Insider Preview

Like Microsoft says, if “you think BIOS is a plant-based fuel, this program may not be right for you.” For everyone else it is very worth trying new Windows 10 for PC thru Microsoft Insider Program. This is a prerelease software, so be careful and use it at your risk, timely backup never hurt anyone.

Download links:

Product key: 6P99N-YF42M-TPGBG-9VMJP-YKHCF
Editions Link to download SHA-1 hash value

Windows 10 Insider Preview (x64) – Build 10074

Link to download

 Download (3.78 GB)

SHA-1 hash value



Windows 10 Insider Preview (x86) – Build 10074

Link to download

 Download (2.77 GB)

SHA-1 hash value



Public Office 2016 Preview from Microsoft

Microsoft has released new Office 2016 package for everyone interested.

Product key for the Office 2016 Preview:

Download links:
Get Office 2016 Preview (32 bit)
Get Office 2016 Preview (64 bit)

Version number is 16.0.3930.1008


Windows 8 Developer Preview — Perfect Stranger

win8-8102New Metro interface of Windows 8 Developer Preview (build 8102) — available to everybody to download and try — has puzzled me from the first screen. I understand the concept, but I don’t see how it is going to be productive in its way to access programs and present information from the web. Font is not distinctive. If somebody likes clean and neat display, what is Metro going to look like then? This Powerpoint style of bright and big square titles is not new at all. Look at some screenshots below (click to enlarge):


Look at new Control Panel (click to enlarge):


 Or another one:


The “problem” with running of Metro applications is that you cannot close them. If you leave them and run something else, they get “suspended” — look at the new Windows Task Manager (click to enlarge):

Windows 8 Task manager

 And another one:

Windows Task manager cpu

If you need to disable Metro in Windows 8 Developer Preview, do the following:

Press Windows key + R to get Run command. Type “regedit” and press Enter. In the registry editor find the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RPEnabled
and change its value from 1 to 0. Restart the computer. You should be done now. But what is the point of running Windows 8 without Metro??


Get Pre-Beta version of Windows 8 for developers, build 8102

win8-devMetro style application development has been started. Go to this link to see latest updates:

You can download the Windows Developer Preview (pre-beta version) of Windows 8 build 8102 for developers here:

  • Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64): ISO file 4.8GB [ be careful – you will need a dual layer dvd to burn this!]
64-bit Windows Developer Preview
Windows SDK for Metro style apps
Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows Developer Preview
Microsoft Expression Blend 5 Developer Preview
28 Metro style apps including the BUILD Conference app

There’s no need to activate or enter a serial number. The time-bomb is set to 12 March 2012. But if you reinstall Windows Developer Preview or use the Reset functionality, you might be asked to enter a product key. In this case use these:


4Y8N3-H7MMW-C76VJ-YD3XV-MBDKV (WDP server version only)

Source for keys: Microsoft


Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate

win7-sp1-rc-hotfixesHere it is — the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate (KB976932), available for public here at Microsoft download center. As stated there: The RC is best suited for IT Pros, tech enthusiasts (for us people!), and developers who need to test the service pack in their organization or with the software they are developing. The final release of Service Pack 1 will be available through Windows Update for consumers when it is ready. RC is only released in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Everybody can try though, it is safe and easy to uninstall if something goes wrong. The RC will expire on November 30, 2011.

Here’s the question for the big underground part of computer world: will Windows 7 RC tackle DAZ loader and all similarly successful cracking stuff? I would bet any money it won’t. But I will test anyway and let you know. Sometimes Microsoft was known for making bad surprises for lovers of freeware at the very end of testing period and that can be an example.

If you can not install SP1 RC for Windows 7 having error code 80070017, try to disable antivirus and run again.

Here’s the TechNet Evaluation Center for W7 SP1 RC for further information.

Here you can download a list of Fixes and Security Updates included in Windows 7 SP1 (625 patches altogether!)

 Changes specific to Windows 7:


Beauty of Internet Explorer 9 beta — not for Windows XP majority

Microsoft has released a public beta version of Internet Explorer 9 on the website Beauty of the Web. New Internet Explorer is featured with hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics thru Direct2D and DirectWrite, HTML5 support, CSS3 support, fast new JavaScript engine Chakra based on “power of modern multicore processors.”  Question is: should you care? Of course, you should, but probably not now. First of all, it is a pre-release version, not final. What I found IE9 beta is not compatible with WordPress 3.0.1 control panel, buttons for post editing do not function. So, to me it is a broken toy so far. I don’t like how controls are organized: why home button is so tiny and hidden? Opera did it right, I think.

Whatever Paul Thurrott is saying about big advantage of Microsoft as the Windows OS maker over all over web-browers makers (which I take more as a religious point actually), let’s face the facts. IE9 will not run on Windows XP. Great. You know the share of Windows XP today? 61%! Let me repeat: sixty one percent. The source is Netmarketshare. Here’s full statistics: Top Operating System Share Trend. As you can see Windows 7 and Windows Vista are just 16% and 14% accordingly. So, what about browsers share? Top Browser Share Trend tells you all: Internet Explorer 6 (six) is still 16%! IE7 — 11%, IE8 — 28%. So, that is my prediction: biggest trouble for IE9 is actually users of previous versions of Internet Explorer and Windows XP. That’s the beast for the beauty.

My screenshot:

Internet Explorer 9 beta