Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS6 Screenshots

Here’s few screenshots of Dreamweaver CS 6 (version 12.0 build 5808) and Photoshop CS6 (version 13.0). By the way Dreamweaver CS 6 has no 64-bit version yet.

New Mini Bridge in the Photoshop:


Photography workspace:


Painting workspace:


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Adobe Creative Suite 6 — Cloud of possibilities

I’m very much interested to see what more we can do now, when Adobe Creative Suite 6 is finally available. If you look at the buying guide (Product comparison table), some products are presented only in Cloud version (As Adobe says: “Adobe® Creative Cloud™ is the digital hub that lets you download and install every Adobe Creative Suite® 6 application; access online services for file sharing, collaboration, and publishing; and benefit from new apps and features as soon as they’re released — giving you the freedom to create anything you can imagine.”). For example Adobe Muse (Webdesigning software without writing code), Adobe Edge preview (tool for creating interactive motion content for the web using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and some “Services” like Adobe Typekit (a solution to use real fonts on the web). Cloud is obviously a way to fight piracy, yet Master Collection (the combination of major Adobe products) is there as well.

Downloads of trials are still due. I’m very curious to test new Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 with fluid grid layout for cross-platform compatibility.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 licence reset

cs5.5-30daysSomeone might think it was an attempt to fight unlicensed use of Creative Suite 5.5, when few days ago Adobe had reset licences of pirated copies of its software — Photoshop, Dreamveawer and others. So users may see the dialog screen with the message: “The serial number you used to activate this product has expired. This is your last opportunity to launch the product before it is automatically deactivated. To reactivate, you must provide a new serial number or start a trial on next launch.” Here’s the screenshot below:

adobe cs5.5 reset adobe trial cs5.5

How come people were using that software illegally you may ask? Well, although Adobe has used a seemingly sophisticated activation method, in reality it is sort of bluff, and I fail to understand its reason. Because the workaround is plain silly: get the trial, shortcut some web addresses like “activate.adobe.com” thru the host file to have instant domain name resolution, and finally use a generated serial number. You are done. I don’t support piracy, but I’m explaining this to show: this should not be that simple! I mean, common Adobe, you have enough resources to make this a serious barrier. Now it is one big hole. Continue reading “Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 licence reset”

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Screenshots (ver. 11.5 build 5315)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 has leaked on the web and available thru torrents (“thethingy” release). The version is 11.5 build 5315. Here’s some screenshots below.

Splash screen:


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New Creative Suite 5.5 from Adobe. You thought it would be 6?

adobe-cs5.5Adobe is about to release its Creativity Suite version 5.5. Surprisingly, it is coming as a paid upgrade with new features for some applications (like support of jQuery Mobile framework in Dreamweaver CS5.5 or Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, however we can use mobile devices like the iPad in Photoshop CS5 Extended (not 5.5 !) with free update 12.0.4 for Windows and Mac in May). Here’s a good review at Adobe’s blog. Whatever happens, Adobe has stepped into dot release strategy, which means longer refresh cycles for the major versions (24 months) and shorter cycles for the dot upgrades like 5.5 to catch up with new technologies. As per Vicky Skipp (Adobe’s regional manager for South East Asia): “Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is all about allowing content providers to create their content once, and then delivering it across multiple platforms and devices. … The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones has taught us that Adobe needs to be quicker in responding to the industry’s needs. If we wait 18 months for the next release, it is very possible that Adobe might be out of the game in various segments by the time it happens.” Continue reading “New Creative Suite 5.5 from Adobe. You thought it would be 6?”

Amazing Adobe Creative Suite 5 vs AMT Subsystem Failure

I’m truly surprised with number of searching requests related to AMT subsystem failure. Looks like the problem is still a pain. I think I have a final advice for these people — switch to Adobe Creative Suite 5, it has a different activation component (not FLEXnet). Otherwise follow the link to see how it can be fixed.

Troubles with Adobe CS products licenses

There are many troubles tagged with license term you can expect while using Adobe Products, such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks or others. That applies to Adobe CS3, CS4, and CS5.5 lines with some exceptions. Whether you are using the software legally or illegally here is some tricks and advises to overcome the problem. Of course, sometimes reinstalling can fix them all, but not always. Some people dare to reinstall the OS, but that’s an extreme case. Below please see the most common three license-related issues in Adobe products — AMT subsystem failure, Error “Licensing for this product has expired”, and error #16 — and selected solutions.

Adobe Joker

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