Norton Internet Security 2011

Whatever I may say about NIS interface, Symantec can afford to develop super effective security package spending millions of $$ to trump all their competitors. And it is good to have it almost free for a long time. 90 days (3 months) to me is a huge period to try and make a decision. Consider this, even if you buy it, you basically have a trial of 360 days for a good sum of money.

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Beauty of Internet Explorer 9 beta — not for Windows XP majority

Microsoft has released a public beta version of Internet Explorer 9 on the website Beauty of the Web. New Internet Explorer is featured with hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics thru Direct2D and DirectWrite, HTML5 support, CSS3 support, fast new JavaScript engine Chakra based on “power of modern multicore processors.”  Question is: should you care? Of course, you should, but probably not now. First of all, it is a pre-release version, not final. What I found IE9 beta is not compatible with WordPress 3.0.1 control panel, buttons for post editing do not function. So, to me it is a broken toy so far. I don’t like how controls are organized: why home button is so tiny and hidden? Opera did it right, I think.

Whatever Paul Thurrott is saying about big advantage of Microsoft as the Windows OS maker over all over web-browers makers (which I take more as a religious point actually), let’s face the facts. IE9 will not run on Windows XP. Great. You know the share of Windows XP today? 61%! Let me repeat: sixty one percent. The source is Netmarketshare. Here’s full statistics: Top Operating System Share Trend. As you can see Windows 7 and Windows Vista are just 16% and 14% accordingly. So, what about browsers share? Top Browser Share Trend tells you all: Internet Explorer 6 (six) is still 16%! IE7 — 11%, IE8 — 28%. So, that is my prediction: biggest trouble for IE9 is actually users of previous versions of Internet Explorer and Windows XP. That’s the beast for the beauty.

My screenshot:

Internet Explorer 9 beta

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Norton AntiVirus 2011 — Black Behind

Symantec has updated its “Windows 7 spoken here” security software page with offers for Microsoft customers. (I guess running MS Windows makes me automatically relevant to this category). Here’s the link: 
There you have Norton 360 Version 4.0 (old link) and new Norton AntiVirus 2011 version
Direct download link: (there is a missing file extension, so when you finish downloading, just rename the file to add exe extension)
The feature of this offer is 90-days trial period — long enough to try and make a decision.

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Computer Power User — October 2010

Computer Power User – is one of the most interesting magazines about computer hardware and software. Full editions are usually available to registered subscribers for a fee. Some time ago, in 2009 CPU started publishing screenshots of the issues, so called Digital Editions, here’s the link. This time they published for some reason a link to the free pdf copy of the last CPU for October 2010. Here’s direct download link. 35Mb. Grab it quick before they remove it.

CPU October 2010

Find inside articles about Nvidia’s 3D Vision Surround, a roundup of broadband testing tools, an advice for folks looking to tweak their SSDs’ performance and extend their longevity.
The guys also review Intel Core i7-970, Western Digital TV Live Plus, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and other good stuff!