Farewell email

Dear colleagues,

Perhaps you already know, but if not, that’s a good moment to say — I’m leaving the company. You cannot imagine how grateful I am to you for all the years and experience you shared with me. That is invaluable by any means, and I’m proud we have time together. Because all good things always seem to be continue forever, but they are not. And exactly because of that, now it is good chance for me to tell you: I’m quitting the company. Difficult to imagine what I could do without you, or better to say what I could not do. Precisely because of that, here comes the hard part. I guess it is a bad surprise for you, but I have to admit: I will be leaving the company very soon. No words can describe the depths of experience I got with your help, but still: everything must come to its end. Probably you already feel that it is not going to be any good news. Yes, just to confirm, I will be not working for the company any longer. Shocked? Surprised? Please don’t be. I did not want to upset you. I always had good memories about our collaboration (sorry for long Latin words). But you know, any project by definition is limited, finite and must end sooner or later. So, to cut long story short, I’m leaving. No regrets though, as you always taught me to be positive and future-looking. Still, maybe not the best moment, but let me release this sad message: I will end my current employment very soon. Alas, my friends. I know you supported me all this time a lot and I’m sure you would do the same in the future. Talking about the future… Well, perhaps the rumor reached you and little bird told you already… Yes, I’m quitting the company. Sorry to say. But nothing lasts forever, and you should know that.

Thank you for all!

P.S. I did not want to tell you, but sorry to share this shocking news: I’m leaving the company. As simple as that.

Inspired by Daniel Harms