McAfee Internet Security. In the kingdom of boredom and ignorance.

mcafee-2011-front-guiI have installed McAfee Internet Security with 6-month complimentary subscription for Facebook users, but I’m confused to tell whether it is version 2010 or 2011, because it is not shown anywhere. Maybe it is just a smart marketing move, but I would call it a sneaky move, as the packaging design on their official website shows no difference. About window tells me the following: Security Center version is 10.5 and VirusScan 14.5.

First I’d like to say something good about McAfee IS. Installation went very easy and fast [screenshot] — no reboot required, no annoying registration forms, no nothing. Installation options were presented well [screenshot]. The program, once it is running, feels very light on system resources. It would be ridiculous to say that a McAfee application cannot get its job done, as well as Symantec these guys probably spent a fortune in Reasearch and Development and most tests and reviews say they are good. But there were some really surprising things to me.

Couldn’t-care-less Protection

mcafee-scan-finishedI take care of my files, and if there’s something I need to know — I need to know that in details. OK, Mcafee IS found few viruses during the scan of some downloaded samples and presented the report:

Ok, I want to see the details of the viruses and Trojans found in my files, so I click the links to see an explanation. A new window opens in the internet browser where I can see exactly that McAfee has empty database entries under the names W32/Autorun.worm!ji and With risk assessment Low it probably means that they have no clue of what they found and how to prove it is a virus. Or maybe the engineers at McAfee just don’t care. Because for the suspect Artemis!83A917492B0D [screenshot] they even have no trace in the database, “page not found”, 404, you know. What did they find then? Not much, I’m afraid it just what is called “false positives” — files with inner structure elements which resemble elements of malware. And I don’t mind pointing to some dangerous areas, as no one can be 100% percent sure, but tell me something reasonable, suitable for a human. Literally: “We are not sure, but this file looks suspicious, click here if you want to know why… We suggest we delete it, or quarantine (isolate), so you could decide later what to do…” Here’s what I call human approach.

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Reenforce Your PC Heuristics Shield. Install McAfee Internet Security 2011 free for 6 months.

mcafee-2011Are you a Facebook user? Here is a link to a free 6-month subscription of McAfee Internet Security 2011, complimentary for all Facebook users: If you are not, you can register and receive that nice software as well. Why McAfee? Well I found it interesting to see in the last issue of Russian computer hacking magazine ( a heuristics test of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, Eset NOD32, Avira AntiVir, and McAfee (all latest builds).

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