Omphalos Mensch

This has appeared out of blue. I will switch all the topics. It is pointless to accumulate goodies in any form: files, records, books. But the worst is to accumulate goodies in a systematic way. For example, to collect discography of musicians if you only have time to listen two-three full tracks a week. That system will not be “good”. We know this quote: “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33). For a sake of peace, don’t collect. The system can make you think you need to be complete with your collection. That’s a trap. We must let this worry go.

Besides, the collection could make you think as if you have certain responsibility to use it (listen to it, watch it, etc.). You don’t have to. Don’t be a slave of it.

One problem of big corporations that I have observed, they tend to code/cipher big terms in unnecessary way. By ‘big terms’ I mean concepts, projects, initiatives, etc. The codes create rituals, which has miserable symbolic meaning (e.g. not like real Christian service). At the end it irritates everyone, nothing more.