Letters from China

Chinese signWe don’t write paper letters anymore. Whether we want or not, electronic instant communication is replacing that fragile media, but it is like instant coffee — rarely have the full flavor. I got a book in a shop and between the pages I found that piece of paper, please see the scanned picture. The book was printed in China, so I guess it is where this sign is coming from. Well I understand that it is most probably meant a sort of “QA check by Yung Wu”, but still I’m pleased to keep it. It is like in Salinger’s “Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters!”:

My last guest had evedently let himself out of the apartment. Only his empty glass, and his cigar end in the pewter ashtray, indicated that he had ever existed. I still rather think his cigar end should have been forwarded on to Seymour, the usual run of wedding gifts being what it is. Just the cigar, in a small, nice box. Possibly with a blank sheet of paper enclosed, by way of explanation.