Fake information. Bigger internet threat than viruses and botnets.

Viruses are money-driven tools these days, they are trying to stay in the shadow from a regular consumer point of view. Reason is they are designed for an economic crime (D.o.S., online banking fraud, blackmail, etc.) and big chances are you are not very suitable as a target. They can make some harm to you personally, but probability of that is close to zero. If they steal your credit card number, you may never know about it. But even if your bank let you become the fraud victim (very unlikely) for certain period, your real loss at the end will be frustration and anger.

I’m afraid the biggest coming internet threat is fake information. The Truman Show may never end for those who confuse living souls with spam bots, news with generated text, and books with messy databases. I feel a shiver going down my spine while reading fake spam messages as they truly reflect the schizophrenic reality, the endless fall to the demons abyss.

How do you know the information you’ve just read is real, true, valid, and was not published three years ago?