Where is new leaked build of Windows 8?

I’m waiting for a new leaked build of Windows 8 to try. The latest build available is 7989, but that is kind of old. I would go for a pre-beta release 8xxx or something. I used to check mydigitallife.info for that sort of information but the guys stopped updating their website except for the forum.

Build 8064 is currently under discussion, thanks to Canouna mighty connections. That name and also Zucona (Wzor, known for major leaks from Microsoft and others) are two big reference sources. Wzor has evidently a Russian origin, Canouna (“MDL OS Testing Specialist”) does not sound like a native English-speaking guy (or a lady?), probably from France or China. Whoever they are, the information (and sometimes software) we receive from them is invaluable.

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More Screenshots of Windows 8 M2 build 7955

Here’s more screenshots of the latest Windows 8 leak (build 7955):

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Windows 8 M2 build 7955 with Magic Blue Pill

w8-7955-leakDefault green desktop saying “Shhh… let’s not leak our hard work” is supposed to be very ironical I guess, as everybody can download and try “Microsoft confidential” new pre-release of Windows 8 internal build 7955. Just don’t tell me Microsoft is not supporting this “leak”. (You can find all the links and latest information on mydigitallife.info and its forums.) Let’s have a look what is inside.

A software called NoPillXerax has been offered (“Blue pill” is also available) to activate and unlock the hidden features of Windows 8 (version 1.5 up to now): Continue reading “Windows 8 M2 build 7955 with Magic Blue Pill”

Tweak Windows Firewall

Easy guide to tweak Windows Firewall (also applicable for Windows 7)

Windows FirewallAs Microsoft says: “The default behavior of the Windows [Vista] Firewall is to: Block all incoming traffic unless it is solicited or it matches a configured rule. Allow all outgoing traffic unless it matches a configured rule.”

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